About Us

2015-16 Board of Directors

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee Board of Directors consists of community leaders who volunteer their time and talent in governing the organization.

Members of the Zoological Society’s Board of Directors are elected for three years to manage the Society’s affairs. They:

  • Set policies that govern the Society
  • Plan and approve goals and budgets
  • Review and evaluate progress toward goals and budgets
  • Raise funds to meet budget obligations
  • Represent the Zoological Society to the community

Board Members accept committee assignments and participate in community activities, and assist in raising funds by:

  • Joining the Platypus Circle
  • Supporting the Annual Appeal
  • Attending and/or supporting Society fund-raising events
  • Participating in capital programs
  • Making contributions to the Zoological Society through other personal gifts
  • Joining the Simba Circle


Caroline Krider, Chair
Michael G. Carter, Vice Chair, Treasurer
Michael M. Grebe, Vice Chair
Maria Gonzalez Knavel, Secretary


William Bergum
Thom Brown
Grady Crosby
Nate Cunniff
Tami Garrison
Jodi Gibson**
John Grunau
Katherine Hust
George Justice*
Karen Peck Katz
John Kissinger
Russell Kohl
Joe Kresl
Keith Manbeck
Thomas (T.J.) Marini
Anthony Marino
Jack McKeithan
Jay McKenna
Kat Morrow
Gina Peter
Joan Prince, Ph.D.
Scott Redlinger
Harold Redman
Lacey Sadoff
Barry Sattell
Kim Schaffer
Rick Schmidt
Thelma Sias
Roger Smith
Jon Sohn
Judy Holz Stathas
David Strelitz
Michael Stull
Rich Tennessen
Gregory Wesley
Jane Wierzba
Ray Wilson

* Associate Board President
** Zoological Society President & CEO