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Research Results

Birds Without Borders - Aves Sin Fronteras®

Our comprehensive research program consisted of:

Spring and fall migration monitoring in Wisconsin. Migration monitoring involves bird banding and censusing. We also conducted banding during the breeding season in Wisconsin in collaboration with the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) Program of the Institute for Bird Populations. In Belize, Neotropical migrants were banded on their non-breeding (wintering) grounds. Resident bird species also were banded in Belize during both their breeding and non-breeding seasons. Click here to link to the bird-banding information page.

Nest searching and monitoring was conducted at both our Wisconsin and Belize study sites during the breeding season. Click here to link to the nest searching and monitoring information page.

We met our original goal of conducting five years of research in Belize and Wisconsin. Because there was still so much to learn in Belize, we continued bird banding and censusing at the Runaway Creek Nature Preserve and the Chaa Creek study sites through 2004. To maintain a long-term data set, the BWB-ASF staff is continuing bird banding and censusing during the non-breeding season as well as year-round ecological assessments at the Runaway Creek Nature Preserve.

Birds Without Borders - Aves Sin Fronteras® staff members have presented results of project research at scientific meetings and also published papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. You can read and download PDFs of publications (full-text) and presentations (abstracts). Click here to link to the Presentations and Publications list.

We have also summarized our research results into manuals of recommendations for landowners on how to manage your land to benefit birds. To see the manual for landowners in Wisconsin, the Midwest and the eastern United States, please click here. To see the manual for Belize and Mesoamerican landowners, please click here.

In addition, Birds Without Borders - Aves Sin Fronteras® research results were summarized and distributed to landowners and interested persons through yearly updates. The updates can be found on our Publications and Presentations Web page.


This research would not have been possible without the hard work of the dedicated Wisconsin and Belize staff members. They carefully conducted the field research, working many long days in the field and entering the data.

To view the banding research results, click below.
Southeastern Wisconsin (Pewaukee site)
Northern Wisconsin (Land O' Lakes site)
Belize (Central America banding results)
Publications and Presentations page

To view the nest searching and monitoring results click below.
Northern Wisconsin (Land O' Lakes study site)
East-Central Wisconsin (Rosendale study site)
Belize nest-monitoring data (Tropical Education Center study site)
Publications and Presentations page