Watch out! Don’t hit that window!

Birds don’t see clear glass. So they easily can fly into windows and glass doors. If outdoor trees are reflected in a window, birds think they’re flying into a forest. About half of the birds that hit windows die.

Bird Decal

What you can do:

Make fun raptor decals for your windows. Raptors are birds of prey, and some feed on smaller birds. If you put these decals on your windows, they will make your windows more visible. Songbirds will avoid the glass. The decals show birds that something is there that they could bump into.

Here’s how:

  • Print out the outlines of the raptor decal found here. How many decals will you need? Enough to cover a large part of your windows.
  • Color in the decals in a dark enough color that birds will see it. Or, you can cut out the decals and trace them on brown or black construction paper.
  • Using scissors, carefully cut out the decals.
  • Now you can put the decals on the INSIDE of your windows. Which windows? Go outside and look at your windows. If you can see through them, so can the birds.
  • With a parent’s permission, use clear tape to stick the decals on your windows from the inside of your house. Or, hang the decals from string taped above the windows if you cannot tape directly on the glass. Note: Ask a parent if the windows are made of thermopane (a kind of glass). If so, do not stick decals directly to the windows. Ask a parent to read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Now your windows are bird-safe.
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Bird Decal

More things you can do:

  • Close curtains or blinds when birds are active during the day—and especially during migration and breeding season.
  • Hang ribbons or streamers outside windows so birds won’t fly into the glass
  • Decorate a window with stencils. You can change them every season or with the holidays. For example, you can use snowflakes in winter, Easter eggs in spring, daisies in summer and Halloween bats in fall.
  • Help your parents cover windows with CollidEscape. This is a film that makes the outside of the glass white. From the inside, however, the glass looks clear