Enjoy birds—Go bird-watching!

Fall is the time of year that birds migrate. This October, how many birds can you see winging it to their winter homes in the South? You might see a V-shaped flock of Canada geese in the sky or a robin stopping for some berries along the way.

Girl bird-watchingWhat you can do

Ask your parents for some binoculars—or even opera glasses. These magnify the things you see in the distance. Then go with your parents to a park, to a bird hangout like Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin, or to the Zoo.

At the Milwaukee County Zoo, you can see migrating birds around Lake Evinrude. There’s even a bird-watching deck that overlooks the lake. In the photo, a Milwaukee girl uses opera glasses to look for birds.

How do you identify the birds?

Look in a bird guide. Or take notes on the types of birds you see and their colors. Then you may be able to find a photo of that bird in our new guide on how you can help Wisconsin and other North American birds. It’s called “The Birds Without Borders- Aves Sin Fronteras® Recommendation for Landowners: How to Manage Your Land to Help Birds (Wisconsin, Midwest and eastern United States edition).” You can find this guide* on our Web site here.

* This guide was published in fall 2008 by the Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, Inc., and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee.