Grades 2–3

The Walking Toursymbol identifies programs that include instruction time in the Zoo.

Area skill sets are coded at the end of each program description:

  • EE-Environmental Education
  • S-Science
  • E-English Language
  • SS-Social Science
  • M-Math
At-Zoo cost per program : $45.00 for 10-20 children; $55 for 21-30
Zoo to You cost : $65 first session, $45 per additional session
Program times : flexible
Program length : 60 minutes
Program dates : October 1 - May 23
Maximum students/session : Maximum of 30 students and 8 adults per session

Animal Body Coverings Zoo to You

What makes an animal a reptile, fish, amphibian, mammal, or bird? Examine real scales, skin, fur, and feathers as we discover how the five groups of vertebrate animals are classified. (S, E) How to Register

Creatures of the Night Zoo to You

While you sleep, nocturnal animals awaken to use the cover of darkness to survive. Discover how bats catch tiny insects on the darkest nights, why owls fly silently and how animals use their adaptations to thrive with only the stars to light their way. Have a hoot making an owl craft. (EE, S, E) How to Register

Habitats Zoo to You

What makes a habitat a home? It’s all about food, water, shelter and space! Explore the adaptations animals have to help them survive the conditions found in polar regions, deserts, and rainforests. Show the class what you’ve learned by creating a habitat for an animal of your own to take home. (EE, S, E, SS) How to Register

Insect Invasion Zoo to You

The bugs are coming! Insects are the most numerous animals on Earth. Explore the characteristics of insects, including how they live, thrive and survive in almost every corner of the world. “Creep around” with a few live insects and make a buggy craft of your own. (S, E) How to Register

Life in the Rainforest Walking Tour

Program Dates: October 1 – March 29
Rainforests are one of the most important ecosystems in the world. Come discover rainforest animals and the adaptations that allow them to live in these amazing places. Explore the primate area on a guided tour through the Zoo’s very own “rainforest” exhibits. (EE, S, E, SS) How to Register

Ocean Commotion Zoo to You

More is known about the surface of the moon than the depths of our oceans. Dive through all  three zones of the ocean as we explore the mysterious and amazing animals that call it home. (EE, S, E) How to Register

Up and Down the Food Chain Zoo to You

What’s on the menu? Students will examine the teeth, skulls and other features of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Come discover the differences between producers, consumers and decomposers and link them all together in an interactive food chain activity. (EE, S, E) How to Register

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