Grades 3-7

Next Generation Science Standards are coded at the end of each program description:

  • PS - Physical Science
  • LS - Life Science
  • ES - Earth Science
  • ESS - Earth and Space Science
  • ETS-Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

Animal Adaptations Lab – FREE PROGRAM

At-Zoo cost per program : FREE (does not include Zoo admission or parking)
Program dates : Oct. 1-Dec. 18 and March 1-May 20
Program length : 75 minutes
Maximum students/session : Maximum of 30 students and 10 adults allowed in classroom

Examine teeth, antlers, quills and animal skeletons in this hands-on study of animal adaptations. New this year, instead of using light microscopes, students view real animal mounts in a mystery game to determine what adaptations they have for survival. Take a virtual trip to some of the unique habitats these animals call home. (LS) How to Register

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