Grades 4–8

The Walking Toursymbol identifies programs that include instruction time in the Zoo.

Next Generation Science Standards are coded at the end of each program description:

  • PS - Physical Science
  • LS - Life Science
  • ES - Earth Science
  • ESS - Earth and Space Science
  • ETS-Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science
At-Zoo cost per program/group : $20
Zoo to You cost : $65 first session, $35 per additional session
Program length : 60 minutes, unless listed differently below
Program dates : October 1 – May 22
Maximum students/session : Maximum of 30 students and 8 adults allowed in classroom

Endangered Species Zoo to You  Walking Tour Available

Learn about the “HIPPO effect” and how these factors can lead to the endangerment of wild animals. Examine “valuable” animal parts such as elephant ivory, rhino horn, and tiger fur as we discuss why these animals need our protection. (LS, ESS) How to Register

Forces of Flight Walking Tour Available

Program length: 90 minutes
Lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Use your math, science, and engineering skills to investigate these forces and how they affect the motion of a bird in flight. Visit the Herb and Nada Mahler Family Aviary to observe the different types of flight being used by the birds in our Zoo. (PS, ETS) How to Register

Jaws, Claws & Paws Zoo to You  Walking Tour Available

Program length: 75 minutes at Zoo, 60 minutes at your school
Discover how predators succeed at hunting their prey through hands-on examination of skulls, claws, talons, and more. See some of these predators up close as you venture to the Zoo’s Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country. (LS) How to Register

Predator Versus Prey  Walking Tour Available

Program length: 75 minutes
Participate in a role-play activity based on a real case study of the predator-prey relationship. Then compete in teams to see which animal is better adapted to survive. Travel into the Zoo to see some of these predators and their prey to identify what aids each of them in their survival. (LS) How to Register

Symbiotic Relationships Zoo to You 

Explore the complexities of animal relationships. Some relationships help each other, while others hurt. Learn how animals exist symbiotically by examining real animals and animal biofacts, and play a symbiotic matching game. (LS) How to Register

Zoo Careers Zoo to You 

Program length: can be shortened for high interest day programming
How do you give a penguin its vitamin each day? What special training is needed to handle venomous snakes? Take a look at the many responsibilities of zookeepers and veterinary staff at the Zoo. Learn about the specialized work involved in taking care of a diverse collection of animals. (LS, ETS) How to Register

ZSI: Zoo Science Investigation 2 Walking Tour Available 

Program dates: October 1- December 19 and March 2 – May 22
Program length: 75 minutes

How did a non-native animal contract a native disease? In this problem-based scenario, apply logic and scientific reasoning to solve the challenge of a medical mystery involving zoo animals. Learn how science is applied to animal care at the Zoo. (LS, ETS) How to Register

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