K3-1st Grade

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Next Generation Science Standards are coded at the end of each program description:

  • PS - Physical Science
  • LS - Life Science
  • ES - Earth Science
  • ESS - Earth and Space Science
  • ETS-Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science
At-Zoo cost per program : $50
Program times : 9:45 & 11:00 a.m. (Large groups can be accommodated with a third session)
Program length : 60 minutes
Maximum students/session : Maximum of 30 students and 10 adults allowed in classroom


Oct. 3-31
Fly into our bat cave classroom and learn about the world’s only flying mammal! Find out what bats eat and discover what makes bats in Wisconsin so special. Observe a fruit bat up close and then create your own roosting bat project. (LS) How to Register


Nov. 3-23
Did you know a turkey can fly almost 55 miles per hour but often runs from its predators? Learn more amazing facts about our feathered friends as you enter our turkey roost classroom. Play a turkey relay game, dance the “Quirky Turkey” and design your own camouflaged turkey to take home. (LS) How to Register

Animals in Winter

Dec. 1-20
Hibernate, migrate or adapt? Animals have different ways of surviving winter. Enjoy our “winter wonderland” classroom as you mimic these behaviors at wildlife activity stations and design your own “Animals in Winter” book. (LS, ESS) How to Register


Jan. 24-Feb. 24
Waddle, slide, hop and swim into our Antarctic classroom as we learn some “cool” penguin facts. Penguins’ black and white feathers not only keep them warm, but also provide them with camouflage in the water. Sing a penguin song and make your own feathered penguin. Includes minimal Spanish vocabulary. (LS, ESS) How to Register

Dairy Farm

March 1-30
From milk and cheese to ice cream and butter, Wisconsin is known for its dairy products. Follow the story of milk as we learn how much food and water cows need to make a gallon of milk and what happens to the milk before it gets to the grocery store. (LS, ESS) How to Register


April 4-28
Did you know that brown bears have curved claws to help them catch fish in streams? From the tundra to the bamboo forests, bears survive in a variety of habitats. Discover what makes these animals so amazing and show off your knowledge as you create an “All About Bears” book. (LS, ESS) How to Register

African Safari

May 3-19
Learn about some of the biggest animals in Africa as you stomp into our savanna classroom. Touch real hides and horns and sing a song in Swahili, a language widely spoken in East Africa. Make an interactive project that showcases Africa’s largest, tallest, fastest and slowest animals. (ESS) How to Register

At-Zoo and Outreach Programs

The following programs can be presented at the Zoo or at your school from Sept. 19, 2016, to May 19, 2017.

At Zoo cost per program : $50
Zoo to You cost : $65 first session, $55 per additional session
Program times : flexible
Program length : 45-60 minutes
Maximum students/session : Maximum of 30 students and 10 adults allowed in classroom

Animal Athletes Zoo to You

Can you run as fast as a cheetah or jump as far as a kangaroo? Find out who the animal kingdom’s top athletes are. Play an “Animal Locomotion” matching game and practice some unique animal moves. An open space is preferred for this program. (LS) How to Register

Animal Senses Zoo to You

Polar bears can smell a seal through thick ice; an octopus uses its tentacles to taste. Compare some amazing animal senses to your own five senses through hands-on activities. Sing a fun senses song and make your own animal senses matching board to take home. (LS) How to Register

Bugs Zoo to You

Butterflies, spiders, bees and worms – which of these animals are insects and which are not? Discover the tricks to identify insects and create your own insect guide. (LS) How to Register

Critter Covers Zoo to You

Is it a mammal, bird, reptile, fish or amphibian? Learn about animal classification while touching real fur, feathers and scales. Sing a song with American Sign Language and create a critter covers wheel. (LS) How to Register

It’s Alive Zoo to You

Is a bird alive? Is a chair alive? Let’s play charades and sing songs as we learn what is alive and what is not. Then, use your knowledge of living things to create a project showing the difference between animals and plants. (LS) How to Register

Zookeepers Zoo to You

Have you ever wondered what zookeepers do at the Zoo? Discover the many jobs of a zookeeper: cleaning stalls, preparing food and keeping our animals happy and healthy. Put your zookeeper knowledge to practice as you observe a live classroom animal to determine if it is healthy. Program can be shortened for High Interest Days. (LS, ESS) How to Register