Kohl's Wild Theater

Spring and Summer 2018 are now opened and are filling quickly – book now!

Outreach into the Community

The Zoological Society and Kohl’s Cares have partnered to bring you Kohl’s Wild Theater, which provides conservation-themed theater performances using drama, songs and puppetry. Performances, which may be scheduled within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo, are free of charge.

Festivals, community events and school assemblies make great venues for Kohl’s Wild Theater performances, which are family-friendly and age-appropriate for grade-school children.

Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County

Carl Leopold, played by actor Sherrick Robinson, tells the story of the Ghost of Sand County to his siblings, Nina and Estella, played by Rae Pare and Brittany Curran, in the musical “Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County.”

What do we need?

  • A flat (covered if outdoors) performance space of at least 18 x 20 feet. We cannot perform on dirt, sand or grass.
  • Access to a working electrical outlet
  • An hour before and after the performance to allow for set-up and take-down
  • At least 100 students for school performances. More than 300 students would require 2 performances (see FAQ). An all-student assembly is suggested for schools with fewer than 100 students.
  • An audience of at least 50 for library, festival or care facility performances
  • Venue must be within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo
  • A safe pathway for loading equipment into and out of the performance space.
  • A performance area should be on the first floor or accessible by elevator. If flights of stairs are required for load-in, then not all shows are guaranteed.

Questions? Review our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more details.

Performance Series for October 2017-May 2018

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Performances are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Request a performance here.

If you would like to attend a performance at a festival or public event, check out the calendar of public performances here.

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