Kohl's Wild Theater

Performances/Show Times at the Zoo

Kohl's Wild Theater offers free daily performances at the Zoo from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Each family-friendly performance is 15 minutes long and will be at the Kohl’s Wild Theater stage inside the farm area.

Our summer season consists of 4 shows that rotate time slots weekly.

Show times are 10:15 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:45 p.m., and 3:30 p.m.

Our 4 shows are:

Captain Super Fantastic and the Coltan Conundrum

Captain Super Fantastic knows how to save the world from super villains, but can he protect a colobus monkey’s home? Fly around the world to help our superhero find the real villain and save the rainforest. This 15-minute musical will teach audiences how they can be superheroes from home by recycling old electronic devices. Help Captain Super Fantastic by bringing your old cell phones, tablets or handheld gaming systems to the Zoo for recycling!

The Time Traveler’s Chicken

Clucky the chicken has accidentally broken her egg. With the help of Dr. Thinker’s time machine, Clucky travels back in time to be more careful. Along the way the time machine finds many bird relatives in the past that have gone extinct, including a surprising prehistoric connection. Audiences join Clucky and Dr. Thinker on this time travel adventure in this 15-minute musical to learn from the past so we can care for endangered animals in the future.

The Strange Case of the Alien Invasion

Detective Appletree is back, but this time he’s off to the Wisconsin Wilderness.  There has been an alien invasion and the detective needs your help in this 15-minute play to identify the invaders and save the planet!

The Legend of Hibernacula

Jonathan Batfield is a little brown bat from Wisconsin who takes a trip to see Count Hibernacula, a mysterious bat from South America. But can Hibernacula be trusted? And why won’t he let Batfield go near his strange wooden box? Join these bats for this popular musical that teaches audiences why bats are important to humans and what we can do to help them in Wisconsin.

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