Kohl's Wild Theater

Performances/Show Times at the Zoo

Kohl's Wild Theater offers free daily performances at the Zoo from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Each family-friendly performance is 15 minutes long and will be at the Kohl’s Wild Theater stage inside the farm area.

Our summer season consists of 4 shows that rotate time slots weekly.

Show times at the Kohl’s Wild Theater stage:

10:15 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:45 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.


Internet sensations Grumpy Cat and Doge need “likes” from the “followers” of their website but aren’t sure what to do when a cotton-top tamarin monkey arrives from the rainforest. This 15-minute musical will teach audiences about the difference between good and bad information and how to make a good decision when choosing a pet.

Journey to the Rich Coast

Fly along with our migrating birds as they make the journey from Wisconsin to the ‘Rich Coast’.  This adventure can be tough, but with your help in this 15-minute musical, they can make the journey that every migratory bird needs to take to survive.

Lights, Camera, Arctic!

Mysterious circumstances put distant neighbors Ursus the polar bear and Cygnus the trumpeter swan right next door! Audience members join a documentary filmmaker, become the film crew “on location,” and help resolve this neighborly dispute by learning how actions at home canimpact animals in the Arctic.

Transportation to Brachiation

Help clue-finding Kiddo on an adventure to save orangutans in Borneo. Pay close attention because some clues in this 15-minute musical aren’t always what they seem and the future of orangutans may depend on what Kiddo learns about Wisconsin.

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