Kohl's Wild Theater

Performances/Show Times at the Zoo

May 23-September 7, 2015

Treat the kids–and yourself–to new, engaging wildlife adventures that bring conservation-themed theater performances right to you at the Zoo! Through drama, songs, and puppetry, our performers will inspire audiences of all ages to learn and care more about our natural world. This summer's season will feature four different 15-minute shows on the Kohl's Wild Theater stage.

Kohl's Wild Theater Show Times at the Zoo

Located at the Kohl's Wild Theater stage in the farm.

Four Free Performances Daily: 10:15 a.m., Noon, 1:45 p.m., 3:30 p.m.

In addition to the stage performances, you can enjoy the spontaneity of an impromptu skit at various times during the day as you walk through the Zoo.

Kohl's Wild Theater Performances

The Time Traveler's Chicken

Clucky the chicken has accidentally broken her egg. With the help of Dr. Thinker's time machine, Clucky travels back in time to be more careful. Along the way the time machine finds many bird relatives in the past that have gone extinct, including a surprising prehistoric connection. Audiences join Clucky and Dr. Thinker on this time travel adventure in this 15-minute musical to learn from the past so we can care for endangered animals in the future.

The iRiver Cleanify App

The Wonderful Lizard of ooZ
When all sorts of marine animals from a kelp forest pay a visit to the doctor's office, Nurse (Jenna Vik) and Dr. McGhee (Marcus Beyer) realize they have a situation on their hands.

Jackie is a kid with nothing to do but homework and chores. Boring! But when Jackie drops her phone down a storm drain, she chases it into the Milwaukee River where she learns about animal "kids" that are raised in the river. Join Jackie in this 15-minute play as she travels back upstream and learns that being a kid is great and easy "chores" can help the animals growing up in our local river.

Dr. McGhee Learns About the Sea

Dr. McGhee's office is overrun by sick sea creatures, but what is causing the illnesses? Why is a decorator crab's new shell flimsy? What's irritating the gills of a leopard shark? Help Dr. McGhee in this 15-minute musical to discover what can be done in Wisconsin to help animals living in oceans all around the globe.

A Climb Through Time

Help clue-finding Kiddo on a futuristic adventure to save orangutans. Pay close attention because some clues in this 15-minute musical aren't always what they seem and the future of orangutans may depend on what Kiddo learns about the present.

Bring Kohl's Wild Theater to You

Kohl's Wild Theater travels to schools, community events and festivals, within a one-hour radius of the Zoo, free of charge. Performances are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact Julie B. at 414-258-2333 or KWT@zoosociety.org to check available dates. Request a performance.

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