Father’s Day at the Zoo

Sponsored by
Prairie Farms Dairy

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dads get free Zoo admission (no coupon necessary). Parking fee still applies. Members get free admission every day with ID.

Father's Day at the ZooEvery new parent feels a little nervous around his or her baby, and apparently camels are no exception. Patrick, a Bactrian camel calf, was born March 5 to mom Sanchi and dad Stan. Sanchi has had many calves and knew exactly what to do, but Patrick is Stan’s first offspring. Zookeepers weren’t sure how Stan would react, so they kept him away from Patrick for a few weeks. But you can visit Patrick on Father’s Day, when human fathers get free admission to the Zoo. You can also say “congrats” to Strannik, the Amur tiger who became a father to three cubs in September, and Ringo, the harbor seal who has sired three pups in the last three years.