Mother's Day at the Zoo

Sponsored by Lifeway Foods

May 10, 2015, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Free admission for Moms (parking not included) plus free Lifeway Kefir samples while supplies last. Two female kudusNo coupon necessary.
Free Zoo admission for Zoological Society members with ID. Milwaukee County parking fee: $12.
For more information, call 414-256-5466.

This Mother's Day, drop by to say "Hi" to Rachel and Noeli, two new kudu moms at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Rachel gave birth in January and Noeli in February. Like many African hooved animals, kudu calves grow up fast. In the wild, kudu moms hide their offspring for four to five weeks, regularly returning to nurse the little ones. Once weaned, kudu calves stay close to their moms for about six months. Check out Rachel and Noeli in the African Waterhole Exhibit while they're still bonded with their calves. After visiting the kudus, stroll to the Primates of the World building to see scarves painted by the Zoo's two orangutans, Tommy O. and M.J., for the Missing Orangutan Mothers Campaign. You can also visit new bovine moms Ellie and Katie. Ellie is a red-and-white Holstein and Katie is an Ayrshire. Each had a calf in late 2014.

Special thanks to our Mother's Day at the Zoo sponsor:
Lifeway Foods
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