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Give a Unique Gift of an Animal Information Sign or a Bench

Stake your claim to an animal-information sign on any continent in the Milwaukee County Zoo. These fun, colorful displays feature cool animal facts and photos. Or consider putting the name of a loved one or a memorial name on a bench.

Signs and benches are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To give a gift or for more information, please contact Julie Brellenthin at (414) 258-2333 or e-mail

Donors at the $1,000+ level will receive individual recognition on a plate mounted on a cedar frame. Recognition will continue for five years. When the sign is replaced, you will be given the first opportunity to renew your gift for that specific animal’s sign.

Donors at the $2,500+ level will receive recognition on a plate mounted on the bench.

Sign Examples

Animal identification signs
highlight each animal species.

Animal Identification Signs

Animal fact signs feature general
information about a specific animal.

Animal Information Signs

Signs Currently Available

African Hornbill ID
African Spurred Tortoise ID
Alpaca ID Sign
Amur Tiger ID
Baird's Tapir ID
Black Bear ID
Black Rhino Facts
Black Rhino ID
Black Rhino/Tough Stuff
Brown Bear Facts
Camel Cool Stuff
Camel ID
Caribbean Flamingo ID
Caribou ID
Dall Sheep ID
Eland ID
Elephant ID
Elephant Living Large ID
Elephant/Baobab Tree Sign
Elk ID
Elk/Caribou Facts
Emu ID
Grizzly Bear ID
Grizzly Bear/3 Bears Story
Hippo Water Log
Hyena ID
Jaguar Outside Camel Yard ID
Japanese Macaques
King Vulture ID
Kudu ID
Malayan Tapir ID
Marabou Stork ID
Moose ID
Mule Deer ID
Orangutan ID/Thomas O
Ostrich ID
Peafowl ID
Polar Bear Facts
Polar Bear ID
Prairie Dog ID
Red Kangaroo ID
Siamang Gibbon ID
South American Tortoises ID
Speke's Gazelle ID
Spider Monkey ID
Trumpeter Swan ID
Turkey ID
Waterbuck ID
Wolf ID
Zebra ID