World Travelers

They’ve seen gorillas in Africa, walked among the seals in Antarctica and spotted tigers in India. They’re volunteers with Zoo Pride, the volunteer auxiliary of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee (Wisconsin). And their travels are about one thing: wildlife. Whether they’re tracking bears in Alaska or eyeing lions in South Africa, seeing animals in the wild helps volunteers to explain animal behavior at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Read all about Zoo Pride travels in the November 2010/January 2011 issue of Wild Things, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s event newsletter.

You can see even more travel photos submitted by Zoo Priders in this photo slide show. We invite you to share your eco-travel photos and stories on our Facebook page.  

For more on Zoo Pride, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s volunteer auxiliary, including an application and training dates, go here.

The Zoological Society offers field trips in Wisconsin and Illinois as well as eco-themed trips abroad. Please click here for details on current travel opportunities.