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Join the Platypus Circle to be even more connected to the Zoological Society! It's the perfect way to show your support. The Platypus Circle comprises individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Platypus Circle members share a passion for our mission of:

  • Supporting the Milwaukee County Zoo.
  • Conserving endangered species.
  • Teaching the importance of wildlife and its natural environment.

Thanks to Platypus Circle donors, we are able to offer:

  • Summer camps for disadvantaged youth
  • Animal preservation missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • New Zoo exhibits
  • Much more

You will receive the following benefits because of your Platypus Circle commitment:

  • Transferable membership cards
  • Invitations to VIP events
  • Behind the scenes tour(s)
  • Priority registration for education classes & summer camps
  • View a full listing of individual and corporate benefits

There are a wide range of giving opportunities available to make you a vital part of the Zoological Society. Individual Platypus Circle giving begins at $500 and corporate giving begins at $1,000. Please contact us at 414-918-6151 for more information or to arrange a payment plan.

Payment options:  

  • Check
  • Charge (one time and monthly)
  • Electronic Fund Transfer

Platypus Circle Levels:

Corporate Platypus Circle memberships begin at the $1,000 silver level.

  • Platypus Bronze
  • Platypus Silver
  • President's Level Platypus Gold
  • President's Level Platypus Emerald
  • President's Level Platypus Diamond
  • President's Level Platypus Platinum

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