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To be even more connected to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, join the Platypus Circle! It's the perfect way to show your support for our mission. The Platypus Circle is comprised of unique individuals, corporations and foundations who share our passion for supporting the Milwaukee County Zoo, conserving endangered animal species, and teaching the importance of preserving wildlife and its natural environment. 

For over 30 years, the platypus had been synonymous with the Society. The platypus is considered one of the world’s most unusual animals, and its unique qualities are why a group of dedicated Board members selected the platypus to symbolize this extraordinary group of supporters.

Thanks to generous annual donations, from people like you, we’re able to offer programs ranging from summer camps for disadvantaged youth to bonobo-preservation missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The support provided by Platypus Circle members also helps create new Zoo exhibits and sustain our ongoing animal conservation efforts.

We have a wide range of giving opportunities. No matter which level you choose, you are a vital part of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity. There are three convenient payment options – check, charge, and monthly EFT or credit card charges. Please contact the development office to pay by check, EFT, or monthly credit card charge.

Platypus Circle Levels:

Corporate Platypus Circle memberships begin at the $1,000 silver level.

Platypus Bronze Platypus Silver President's Level Platypus Gold
President's Level Platypus Emerald President's Level Platypus Diamond President's Level Platypus Platinum

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