Platypus Circle

Behind-the-Scenes Tours – Premium

Available to President’s Level Platypus Circle members at the $2,500-$4,999 giving level. These tours are transferable.

Avian Adventure

Ages: 12 and older
Advanced scheduling of 4 weeks is required.
This tour includes the Herb & Nada Mahler Family Aviary, including off-exhibit areas such as the incubator room, holding area, brooder room, flamingo facility, off-exhibit birds, the crane barn or aviary winter quarters. Learn about charismatic penguin behavior, feeding, veterinary care and facilities operation from one of our expert zookeepers.

Cat Quest

Ages: 10 and older
Explore the world’s largest to smallest species of the feline family on a behind-the-scenes tour of Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country. Your group will hear from a zookeeper how cats are cared for at the Zoo. You will also tour the feline kitchen to learn about the science of cat diets. Hyenas may also be a featured stop on this exciting quest.

Culinary Delight

Ages: 10 and older
Available only at a 1 p.m. tour time.
Did you ever wonder why a giraffe’s tongue is black and not pink? Come on this tour to find out and then see for yourself when you feed the giraffes from your very own hand. See the food prep area in the Small Mammals Building and visit the Commissary to see where the food is stocked for the animals. To round out your tour, a zookeeper will assist your group in feeding the pacu fish and the Amazon River turtle in the Aquatic & Reptile Center.

Pachyderm Expedition

Ages: 18 and older
Learn how keepers take care of some of the Zoo’s largest animals. This tour is guided by an animal-care expert who can share information about the Zoo’s pachyderm areas – elephant, hippo and rhino. Emphasis of this tour will be on animal care, training methods and pachyderm enrichment practices. A zookeeper will also discuss species conservation, animal adaptations and behavior.

Predators & Prey

Ages: 18 and older
Did you know that the Milwaukee County Zoo was one of the first zoos to feature predator/prey exhibits? Enjoy an in-depth and up-close encounter with the larger predator and prey species. Hear from a zookeeper about the relationships of the predators and prey such as polar bears and seals, big cats and antelope, or bears and moose.

Note: Tour experiences may vary. Due to the unpredictability of animals, the Zoological Society reserves the right to cancel or modify any tour due to unforeseen circumstances.

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