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You can sponsor any of these animals at a variety of dollar levels. Please see the grid inside the Sponsor an Animal brochure for a complete listing of benefits. You also can view the benefits grid online by selecting an animal from the following list. Don't know what the animal looks like? Stop in the Zoological Society office to view a photo, or call us and we'll fax a copy of the animal picture to you.

Animal Name
Stearns Family Apes of Africa
Bonobo Laura
Bonobo Tamia
Bonobo Zuri
Western Lowland Gorilla Cassius
Western Lowland Gorilla Shalia
Western Lowland Gorillas Shalia & Sulaiman
Primates of the World
Black-handed Spider Monkeys
Bornean Orangutan Rayma
Colobus Monkey Bonnie
Mandrill Leroy
Orangutan Thomas O
Siamang Sammy
Monkey Island
Japanese Macaque Bogie
Japanese Macaque Kodomo
Japanese Macaque Rikka
Peck Welcome Center Boardwalk
Humboldt Penguin Arisco
Humboldt Penguin Estar
Humboldt Penguin Houdini
Humboldt Penguin Jack
Humboldt Penguin Liberty
Humboldt Penguin River
Herb & Nada Mahler Family Aviary
Abdim's Stork
American Oystercatcher
Blue-Grey Tanager
Boat-Billed Heron
Caribbean Flamingos Versace & Prada
Chilean Flamingos
Crested Screamer
Gentoo Penguin Fiona
Gentoo Penguin Olive
Gentoo Penguin Oscar
Gentoo Penguins Oscar & Fiona
Guam Micronesian Kingfisher
Inca Tern
Mandarin Duck
Plush-Crested Jay
Red-Legged Honeycreeper
Rhinoceros Hornbill Vianna
Ringed Teal
Rockhopper Penguin Hazel
Rockhopper Penguin Hemmingway
Rockhopper Penguin Tolstoy
Scarlet Ibis
Trumpeter Swan Vincent
Wattled Curassow Little Richard
White-Headed Buffalo Weaver
Whooping Cranes Torch & Tiki
Oceans of Fun Seal & Sea Lion Show
California Sea Lion Makaia
Aquatic & Reptile Center
Bigmouth Buffalofish
Black Crappie
Chinese Alligator Yin
Eastern Hellbender
Flying Snake
Giant Pacific Octopus
Giant So. Amer. River Turtle Onassis
Green Anaconda Molly
Green Crested Basilisk
King Cobra
Largemouth Bass
Leopard Shark
McCord's Snake-Necked Turtle
Milwaukee County Zoo's Frogs
Moon Jellies
Northern Pike
Red Piranha
Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth Buffalofish
Spotted Turtle
Timber Rattlesnake
Small Mammals
Fennec Fox Bonnye
Golden Lion Tamarin Levi
Hoffmann's Two-Toed Sloth Fezzik
Kinkajou Pee Wee
Moholi Bushbaby Neville
Potto Kiazi
Red Ruffed Lemur Morombe
Ring-Tailed Lemur Ann
Slender-Tailed Meerkats
Southern Three-Banded Armadillo Zorro
Straw-Colored Fruit Bat Apollo
Sugar Glider Rose
North America
Alaskan Brown Bear Borealis
American Black Bear Cinnamon
American Black Bear Dakota
American Elk Cheyenne
Grizzly Bear Bozeman
Grizzly Bear Ronnie
Harbor Seal Cossette
Harbor Seal Ringo
Harbor Seal Siku
Harbor Seal Sydney
Moose Robin
Polar Bear Snow Lilly
Prairie Dogs
Reindeer Kyllikki
Reindeer Rosie
Clown Fish
Tawny Frogmouth Timrek
South America
Alpaca Angelina
Alpaca Frankie
Baird's Tapir Eve
Bactrian Camel Addi Jean
Bactrian Camel Georgia
Bactrian Camel Sanchi
Malayan Tapir Maggie
Red Panda Dash
African Waterhole
Damara Zebra Zink
Greater Kudu Teshi
Waterbuck Penelope
African Savanna
African Ground Hornbill Hornrietta
African Spurred Tortoise Carol
Impala Nutmeg
King Vulture Yeti
African Elephant Brittany
African Elephant Ruth
Black Rhinoceros Mimi
Eastern Bongo Zuri
Hippopotamus Happy
Hippopotamus Patti
Red River Hog Radish
Reticulated Giraffe Bahatika
Reticulated Giraffe Tafari
Reticulated Giraffe Ziggy
Reticulated Giraffe Zola
Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country
African Lion Amali
African Lion Themba
Amur Tiger Cubs
Amur Tiger Cubs
Amur Tiger Amba
Amur Tigers Tula
Cheetah Imara
Jaguar Stella
Snow Leopard Asa
Spotted Hyena Nyota
Spotted Hyena Scruffy
Northwestern Mutual Family Farm
Arabian Horse Gypsy
Belted Galloway Upstart
Black & White Holstein
Domestic Goat Michael
Domestic Goat Tegan
English Lop Rabbits Penn
Guinea Hog Petunia
North American Porcupine Koosh
Ornate Box Turtle Ella
Scottish Highland Cow Trinity
Sicilian Donkey Chelsey
Sicilian Donkey Giuseppi
Running Wild
Canada Goose
Common Peafowl (Peacock)
Mallard Duck
Trumpeter Swan
Wild Red Fox