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Hippopotamus Happy

In Greek, hippopotamus means “river horse.” It’s a fitting name because hippos spend most of the daylight hours lying or standing in shallow water. Only their eyes, ears and nostrils are visible. This allows them to hear, see and breathe while most of their bodies are underwater. Hippos have built-in goggles. A clear membrane covers their eyes for protection while allowing them to see underwater. They can hold their breath for up to five minutes and close off their ears and nostrils when submerged. Despite all these adaptations, hippos can’t swim – they can’t even float! Instead they move around by walking along the riverbed in a slow-motion gallop, lightly touching the bottom with their toes, which are slightly webbed, like aquatic ballet dancers.

Meet Happy! Happy was born at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 4, 1981. He was named Happy, as in “Happy New Year,” because he was born so close to New Year’s Day. On Sept. 28, 2009, Happy made the journey from the National Zoo to his new home at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

A sponsorship of Happy would make anyone’s holiday happy! This makes a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. This limited-time offer is available through Jan. 31, 2016.

Limited-time sponsorship package includes:

  • An adorable plush-toy hippo
  • A 4-by-6-inch photo of Happy
  • A colorful fact sheet on hippos
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • An invitation to a behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors at the Zoo
  • Sponsor recognition on our “All in the Family” donor board for a year
  • A Sponsor an Animal decal

Send your gift anywhere in the continental United States for $35 plus $5 shipping and handling (per package). We must receive your order by Dec. 16, 2015, to guarantee delivery for the Christmas holiday.

Plush-toy hippopotamus

Sponsor Happy the hippo for yourself
Sponsor Happy the hippo as a gift

If you prefer to mail your order in with a check, print off this convenient order form.

Sponsor an Animal

The tax-deductible portion of this sponsorship is $24. Shipping and handling is not tax-deductible. Merchandise included in the package includes 5.6% WI sales tax. Plush-toy & photo offer good while supplies last.

Your contribution may qualify for matching gifts. Please check with your employer. The proceeds from the Sponsor an Animal program help all of the animals and enhance their exhibits. In accordance with WI Statue 440.455, a financial statement of the Zoological Society will be provided upon request.

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