Coat of Fire

Red panda, DashMeet Dash, the Zoo's newest male red panda. Dash was born on June 6, 2012, and came to the Milwaukee County Zoo in October 2013 from the Granby Zoo in Quebec, Canada. Very athletic and inquisitive, he can be seen dashing around his outdoor exhibit. He rotates being in the exhibit with the Zoo's other red panda, Genghis. You can tell Dash because he has a lighter forehead and lighter red under his eyes than Genghis.

Red pandas are known for the beautiful, fiery red color of their long, soft coat. The coat's red color serves as camouflage to blend in with the reddish-brown moss and white lichen that covers the tree trunks of their bamboo forest homes in China and Asia. They have a bushy tail that can be just as long as their body. The tail is used for both balance and as a blanket, which they will wrap around their body during cold days. Red pandas are excellent climbers. Thickly furred soles of their feet help them walk on snow and ice. A wrist bone that acts as an "extra thumb" enables red pandas to grip and hold slender branches and leaves with their forepaws.

Sponsor Dash for only $30 and help support all the animals at the Zoo. An animal sponsorship makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or even just a special "treat!" This limited-time offer is available through April 30, 2014.

Limited-time sponsorship package includes:

  • An adorable plush-toy red panda
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  • A colorful fact sheet about red pandas
  • An invitation to a behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors held in August
  • A one-year subscription to Alive magazine and Wild Things newsletter
  • Sponsor recognition on our "All in the Family" donor board for a year
  • An Animal Sponsor decal
  • Make this a gift and we will include an acknowledgement card.

Plush-toy red panda

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Your gift is tax-deductible. Merchandise included in the package includes 5.6% WI sales tax.
Plush-toy offer is good while supplies last.

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The proceeds from the Sponsor an Animal program enhance animal exhibits and help all of the animals at the Zoo. In accordance with WI Statute 440.455, a financial statement of the Zoological Society will be provided upon request.

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