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Supporting Animal Health

The Milwaukee County Zoo has a national reputation for its animal care, for animal training to teach them to help with their healthcare, and for its medical recordkeeping on animals. The Zoo’s admired Animal Health Center, opened in 2003, now needs to upgrade, however.

We need to “go digital”

A gorilla receives an ultrasound

Leann Beehler does an ultrasound scan on a gorilla in the Zoo's Animal Health Center.

“Digital radiography (X-rays) has become the standard in human medicine and is rapidly becoming the standard in veterinary medicine, including at zoos,” says Dr. Roberta Wallace, the Zoo’s senior veterinarian. Digital is more efficient, faster, has better-quality images, can be e-mailed worldwide and is easier to store. (To learn more from Dr. Wallace, click here.) The Animal Health Center needs digital X-ray equipment and associated monitors. A portable digital X-ray machine also would be particularly useful for large animals because X-rays can be done in the animal’s exhibit rather than having to bring the animal to the hospital. The hospital also needs new software for endoscopies, at least two digital cameras, and a new ultrasound machine with digital capabilities and powerful enough to do cardiac exams on ape chests. For a better understanding of how this equipment will help, click here.

How to help animal healthcare

We need YOUR support for animal health and research. Leadership gifts are critically important to reaching our goal of $198,000. This goal includes costs associated with “going digital,” such as cameras, storage, endoscopic software, a portable digital X-ray machine, portable ultrasound machine and platform, and permanent digital X-ray equipment for the Zoo’s Animal Health Center. Donations of all levels are needed and all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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If you are interested in a major underwriting of a piece of equipment, please contact our development office at (414) 258-2333 or for specific information.

Great ape heart health

Great apes are suffering an epidemic of heart disease. For a story on what the Milwaukee County Zoo is doing to help, click here.