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The Zoological Society’s goal this year is to raise money to build and purchase many different types of elephant enrichment items for Ruth and Brittany, the Zoo’s African elephants. Since they will be getting a much bigger home – we need to plan ahead to fill their home with things that will give Ruth and Brittany the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors.

Our wish list includes:

  • Building an Elephant Care Corridor – to allow for routine foot exams and health monitoring
  • Designing a feeding wall with puzzles and compartments so the elephants can forage to find treats
  • Constructing a realistic Baobab tree that provides shade and activities for Ruth and Brittany to do
  • Installing lots of pulleys and cables to hang things like hay and browse or elephant-safe wind chimes and puzzle feeders to encourage natural problem solving behaviors
  • Installing a shower that the elephants can control themselves
  • Building an elephant popcorn feeder

We need your help.

Donate generously for Ruth and Brittany.

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