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Gorilla Tactics

Naku Cassius Hodari

Habitat Help

Over the next year, our goal is to raise the funds to update the outdoor gorilla habitat. We hope to include things for the gorillas like:

  • A water effect for drinking and some splashing
  • Berms to create resting places and protection from the wind
  • Resting platforms to allow basking in the sun and "people-watching"
  • New landscape vegetation such as herbs, yarrow, and scrub willow to provide browse treats during the summer months
  • Enrichment items that can be investigated, played with and thrown about

We need your help in a couple of ways:

  1. Some of the dollars will help provide funds for this much-needed habitat upgrade so the gorillas can enjoy a more stimulating outdoor experience.
  2. Some of the dollars raised will provide direct cash support to specifically help the Zoo's animals.

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