Animals in Action

Animals in Action - Camel TalkSponsored by Meijer

Join us for these zookeeper- and Zoo Pride volunteer-led talks on some of the highest-profile animals at the Zoo.

Admission: FREE
Show times: Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day


Gorillas & Bonobos Talk at the Outdoor Gorilla and Bonobo Exhibit 10:30 a.m. Daily
Snakes & Spiders Talk at the Aquatic and Reptile Theater 11 a.m. Weekends
Bats Talk at the Small Mammals Building 11:45 a.m. Weekends
Elephants Talk at the Elephant Exhibit 1:30 p.m. Daily
Orangutans Talk at the Outdoor Orangutan Exhibit 1:30 p.m. Daily
Camels Talk at the Camel Exhibit or Camel Theater 2:15 p.m. Daily
Harbor Seals & Polar Bears Talk at the Harbor Seal Exhibit 3 p.m. Daily


Special thanks to our Animals in Action sponsor:


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