Sting Ray & Shark Bay

Sponsored by Sendik's Food Markets

May 25-September 2, 2013

Otto Borchert Family Special Exhibits Building
$2 per person exhibit admission.

Zoological Society members can receive free admission June 3-5 from 5 to 9 p.m. with their Zoo Pass card & photo ID. Visit our preview event webpage for details.

Sting Ray & Shark BayDon't be shy. Trail your hand in the water as sting rays and sharks swirl by. The Milwaukee County Zoo's summer special exhibit offers guests a safe and fun way to get close to two fascinating and closely related fish (even though they don't look related).

It takes patience and calm to entice a shark or sting ray to come to your hand. Often, food can help. You can buy a cup of food to feed the animals. The best way to touch one is by keeping your hand still and letting the animal come to you. Because the sting rays' barbs are trimmed and the sharks aren't aggressive, visitors can freely touch the fish. Among the animals swimming in a large pool will be a cownose sting ray, a southern sting ray, and bonnethead and bamboo sharks. Look also for horseshoe crabs in the exhibit. These crustaceans contrast sharply with the fish. Visitors will be asked to wash their hands before and after dipping their hands in the pool. This way the pool won't get contaminated with sunscreen or insect spray, which is harmful to these animals.

Special thanks to our Sting Ray & Shark Bay sponsor:
Sendik's Food Markets
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