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Dec 4 through Dec 31
Dec 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 & 20
Jan 9, 2016
Family Free Day
Jan 17, 2016
Jan 28, 2016
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SPECIAL NOTE: Bluemound Road is now open eastbound and westbound from 95th to 97th Street. Wisconsin Avenue is now closed long term in both directions from 95th to 97th Street.

The Zoological Society's goal this year is to give the Colobus monkeys a gift as big as all outdoors! The plan is to create an access corridor to an outdoor yard so that the Colobus monkeys will experience fresh air, sunshine and trees for the very first time – EVER! We need your help.

From sponsorship of the Zoo's hippopotamus to pewter animal ornaments, the Zoological Society is the go-to source for animal-themed holiday gifts. Check out our gift options.

On Feb. 27, dance, shake and sweat for the animals. Get rid of that cabin fever at this fun-and-fitness event. Click here for more information and to register online.

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation has made a donation to the Zoo to add new snow leopards to its collection.

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