Support the Zoo

Just Charge it for the Animals!

You can support the Zoological Society of Milwaukee (ZSM) every time you buy groceries, get gas or shop online. The Zoological Society, in partnership with U.S. Bank, offers a Visa Signature card. Each time you make a purchase, a portion of the transaction goes directly to the ZSM. The more you use your card, the more the Zoological Society benefits. You do not need to carry a balance on the card or transfer balances to help us. You just need to use the card!

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee Visa Signature card might be the most rewarding card you can carry. You earn one reward point for every $1 you spend and there’s no limit to the amount you can earn. Redeem your points towards valuable rewards like cash back, gift certificates from leading retailers, merchandise and travel. The Visa Signature card has no preset spending limit. 

Earn 1,000 bonus points with your first purchase. Earn $50 in cash rewards with just 5,000 points.  Only 25,000 reward points are needed for airline tickets up to $450. No blackout dates, no seat restrictions or Saturday night stay required!

Click here for more information about how to apply for the Zoological Society of Milwaukee Visa Signature card.

There will be two card designs to choose from: