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Sponsor a Happy Hippo or a Lucky Moose

From a happy hippo to a lucky moose, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee (ZSM) is offering two popular Zoo animals for sponsorship this season. Proceeds from the ZSM’s Sponsor an Animal program help all animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo and enhance their exhibits. To order, go to www.zoosociety.org or call (414) 258-2333.

-Robin the Moose: Celebrate a happy ending for Valentine’s Day or any spring occasion! Robin, a young moose at the Zoo, was found orphaned in an Alaskan back yard last May. The residing family saved her, and Robin began her journey to the Milwaukee County Zoo. These days, you’ll find Robin hanging out with her new friends, the Zoo’s resident moose Clifford and Finn.

 The $30 sponsorship packages includes: A plush-toy moose, a certificate of sponsorship, a fun fact sheet on moose, an invitation to a behind-the-scenes event at the Zoo, recognition on a Zoo donor board, a decal and a solid chocolate “moose.”

 The tax-deductible portion of this sponsorship is $22.  Merchandise included in the package is not tax-deductible and includes 5.6% WI sales tax; shipping & handling is $5.  Plush-toy and candy offers good while supplies last. 

 -Happy the Hippo: The ZSM is 100 years old in 2010*!  Join the celebration by sponsoring the Zoo’s newest hippopotamus, Happy.  Happy arrived at the Milwaukee County Zoo last fall from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. He’s not the only hippo to travel to Milwaukee. One of the first animals that ZSM leaders acquired for the Zoo was a hippo called Yacob (Jacob), who came here from Germany in 1913. Sponsor Happy by donating $1 for each year in the ZSM’s history. (*The Milwaukee County Zoo turned 100 in 1992.)

 The $100 sponsorship package includes: A plush-toy hippo, a certificate of sponsorship, a 5x7 photo of Happy, two Zoo attraction tickets, a hippo fact sheet, an invitation to a behind-the-scenes Zoo event, recognition on a centennial board at the Zoo, and a centennial decal.

 You can choose to send the gift anywhere in the continental United States. The offer is valid through Dec. 31, 2010. The tax-deductible portion is $83.  Plush-toy animals, photos and decals are not tax-deductible and include 5.6% WI sales tax.  Plush-toy, photo and decal offers good while supplies last. 



For more information, call: Becky L. at (414) 258-2333 - January 20, 2010