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New Technology Means New Opportunities for Zoological Society’s Education Department

Inside of the Karen Peck Katz Conservation Education Center, children and their families learn about science, nature and conservation. The Zoological Society of Milwaukee recognizes the need and opportunity to advance that education by bringing in technology that helps children -- from Scouts to students to summer campers -- learn about the natural world and the wildlife that inhabits it. Recently, the Zoological Society received funds for a major upgrade to the education center thanks to a $100,000 gift from Thrivent Mutual Funds. Through technology-enhanced learning opportunities at the Zoo, children -- including a wide range of ages, ethnicities, learning styles and abilities -- can better understand how each animal has a special place in the environment and how they are all important in the world.

We'd like to invite you to come to the Zoo to see some of the new upgrades and observe how students are using the equipment. If you plan to attend, contact Colton Dunham at coltond@zoosociety.org or 414-258-2333 ext. 222. 

When: Oct. 6 at 9:30 a.m. or Oct. 12 at 10:45 a.m.
Where: Karen Peck Katz Conservation Education Center at the Milwaukee County Zoo; Thrivent Mutual Funds Animal Adaptations Lab

With the grant, the Society bought:

  • Tablets that will enable participants to be mobile and use technology both in the classroom and out in the Zoo.
  • Digital microscopes for students to make scientific comparisons.
  • Promethean ActiviPanels that further enhance visual presentations.
  • Portable multimedia projectors that will bring engaging scientific media to multiple community locations.

The majority of this tech equipment will be used inside the Animal Adaptations Lab (now named the Thrivent Mutual Funds Animal Adaptations Lab) where students will engage in hands-on learning experiences. The gift will also help with transportation costs for several schools, community centers, and Scout groups to visit the Zoo and experience all the new programming.

"The lab provides children with a fun and informative environment year-round," says David Royal, Thrivent Mutual Funds president. "These are unique experiences that many children in the community might not otherwise have access to, particularly children from underserved neighborhoods."

Since 1976, the Society's Education Department has brought animal, environmental, and science-based educational opportunities to children, adults, and families. The Society's education programs serve more than 300,000 participants each year. "The Society's education programs, designed to stimulate the curiosity of children and help them grow in their appreciation of animals, play an important part in our school and family communities," says James Mills, Society director of education. "Parents' demand for our education programs is high, and teachers appreciate that our programs help students meet education standards."

About the Zoological Society: The mission of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee is to conserve wildlife and endangered species, educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and support the Milwaukee County Zoo.

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For more information, call: Colton Dunham at 414-258-2333 - September 30, 2016