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Capital Campaign Will Transform Zoo

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee County Zoo are excited to publicly announce a capital campaign that will help reimagine the Zoo over the next 25 years. The first phase of the Window to the Wild campaign will support Adventure Africa. This project will transform 25% of the developed footprint of the Zoo, representing the largest physical change to the Zoo since it opened this location in 1961. Adventure Africa will create new homes for the elephants, African hoofstock, hippos and rhinos.

The Window to the Wild Capital Campaign is possible because of the strong partnership between Milwaukee County and the Zoological Society, which historically has shared the cost on major projects. As a partner with Milwaukee County, the Society has set a goal to raise $25 million for its portion to support Adventure Africa. Thanks to the many generous donations from community leaders, foundations and local businesses, more than $16.7 million has been raised during the quiet phase of the campaign. “This is the first step toward transforming our beloved Zoo, and I invite the community to be a part of this exciting adventure and help us make Adventure Africa a reality,” says Jodi Gibson, Zoological Society president and CEO.

Construction is well underway for the new elephant home, which is expected to open to the public in spring 2019. Changes not only include a larger area, but also a semi-heated outdoor area for the elephants to enjoy in winter and a large barn where guests can see the elephants year-round when they are inside. The yard will be filled with enrichment items to help the elephants remain mentally and physically fit. “Elephants are wonderful, intelligent animals. They have great social needs and we have to continue to accommodate that,” says Chuck Wikenhauser, Milwaukee County Zoo director. “The amount of space and the amount of enrichment opportunities we have in there is really going to create such a wonderful atmosphere for the animals.” Plans for Adventure Africa also include a new hippo exhibit with underwater viewing followed by a new rhino exhibit.

To donate to Adventure Africa, or to see a virtual view of the new elephant exhibit go to elephants.Win2Wild.com.



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