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Fall in Love with Fall Zoo Classes

The commercials have started and the stores are advertising back-to-school specials. The new school year is just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean learning has to stay inside a classroom. Fall Zoo Classes, sponsored by Meijer, offer a fun, educational and hands-on experience. There is always something new and interactive for each age group. Classes are offered for children ages infant to 14, plus adults and families. Fall Zoo Classes will fit with your child’s school schedule with classes being offered on weekends for school-aged kids.

Here are just a few classes offered this fall:

  • Age 2: “Horses” and “Turtles”
  • Age 3: “Apes & Monkeys” and “Grrrroovy Bears”
  • Age 4 & 5: “Flamingos” and “Rompin’ Stompin’ Rhinos”
  • Age 6-10: “Zookeeper: Aquatic & Reptile Center” and “Animal Mythbusters”
  • Age 6-12: Art Classes
  • Age 11-14: “Keepers of the Wild”
  • Family Classes: “Family Explorers: Egypt”
  • Adult and Teens (14 and up): “Zoo Photo Walking Tour: Fall Colors at the Zoo”

Zoo Pass members can register on Aug. 2. Those without a Zoo Pass can register Aug. 9. To register for classes and learn more about what we have to offer, visit zoosociety.org/Education.

The Zoological Society also offers school programs available at the Zoo or at your school. Each program is carefully constructed to meet education standards in science, so teachers can pick what fits in with their curriculum.



About the Zoological Society of Milwaukee

The mission of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee is to conserve wildlife and endangered species, educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and support the Milwaukee County Zoo.


For more information, call: Katie Krecklow at 414-258-2333 ext. 222 - July 25, 2018