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Zoological Society Honors Supporters

Each year, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee gives special thanks to companies and individuals that support the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Society. Thursday night the Society presented Judy Holz Stathas with the President’s Award. This award is given at the sole discretion of the Society’s president to honor exemplary service and extraordinary contribution to the mission of the Society. Only a few people have been selected for this award. Judy Holz Stathas has provided extraordinary financial support to the Society and the Zoo through personal gifts from her and her husband Bill and in collaboration with her family through the Holz Family Foundation and Holz Motors. Holz Stathas recently made a lead donation to the Window to the Wild Capital Campaign to create new exhibits for the elephants, African hoofstock, hippos and rhinos. She also made lead and final donations to the last campaign that created Impala Country and the Learning Zone inside the Animal Health Center. Holz Stathas has been with the Associate Board and later the Board of Directors since 1995 and chaired several events including Zoo Ball twice, in 2004 and 2017. Other donations include 20 years of supporting the Animal Ambassador program, eight years of support for student interns, annual animal sponsorships and auction donations.
The Society also honored Jay McKenna with the Emu Egg Award, one of the highest honors from the Zoological Society. This award is presented to those who demonstrate consistent meritorious service and exceptional contributions to the Zoological Society. As president and COO of North Shore Bank, McKenna is a key sponsor of the Zoo Safari Train and Family Free Days. For nine years, McKenna has been a member of the Board of Directors and is currently a member of the Capital Campaign Cabinet, helping bring Adventure Africa to life.  
The Society is pleased to announce awards to the following companies and organizations:

  • Loxodonta africana: Northwestern Mutual. The Loxodonta africana (African elephant) Award is presented to a corporation or foundation that significantly supports the Zoological Society and Zoo through grants and/or sponsorships. Northwestern Mutual helped fund the Family Farm, was instrumental in helping the Zoo create a new outdoor home for the gorillas, donated to the Window to the Wild Capital Campaign and offered vital support for a new database system.  
  • Pan paniscus: World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The Pan paniscus (bonobo) Award is presented to an individual, corporation or foundation that demonstrates support of and commitment to the conservation efforts of the Zoological Society and Zoo. WWF works with the Society’s Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative (BCBI) to study and protect bonobos, forest elephants and wildlife in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Salonga National Park.
  • Panthera leo: The A.O. Smith Foundation. The Panthera leo (lion) Award is given to those who support the Society’s education programs. A.O. Smith is a key supporter of the Society’s school programs that inspire children and assist teachers in meeting state education standards.  


About the Zoological Society of Milwaukee

The mission of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee is to conserve wildlife and endangered species, educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and support the Milwaukee County Zoo.

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