Bonobo Conservation

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Did you know that our Zoo has the world’s largest group of bonobos in a zoo environment? Learn more about these fascinating great apes in the book Bonobos: Encounters in Empathy, written and donated to the Zoological Society of Milwaukee (ZSM) by Jo Sandin, a retired Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer. She introduces you to the individual bonobos at the Milwaukee County Zoo and their social dynamics that mimic some of human politics.

You’ll meet dedicated Zoo staff such as Barbara Bell, chief bonobo keeper, who helped develop a training program for these apes that has allowed them to get involved in their own health care. You’ll meet health-care experts who have devoted years of volunteer work to the bonobos -- people such as Leann Beehler, whose ultrasounds of bonobo moms were featured in a National Geographic TV special, and Dr. Harry Prosen, a psychiatrist who has made history in the zoo world by helping turn a troubled bonobo into a leader of the group.

This book also describes the ZSM’s extraordinary efforts to save the bonobo, an endangered great ape that is found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. You’ll travel deep into the Congo with Dr. Gay Reinartz, ZSM conservation coordinator and head of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ Bonobo Species Survival Plan.

Purchase your copy now for only $10 (does not include tax or shipping). To get a 10% ZSM member discount, order online by clicking the link below. For details, call the ZSM at 414-258-2333. Book proceeds benefit the Zoo’s bonobos and the ZSM’s bonobo efforts in Africa.

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