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Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative T-shirts

Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity InitiativeThe Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative (BCBI) is a project of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, working to protect and study the bonobo and forest elephant in the Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Created in 1997 by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee, BCBI’s programs include:

  • Developing and maintaining the Etate Research Station and Patrol Post
  • Surveying bonobo and elephant populations and assessing habitat and poaching levels
  • Providing training, technical, and material support for park guards
  • Supporting educational programming in villages near Etate

T-shirts are sold to support the Bonobo & Congo Biodiversity Initiative. All proceeds raised from T-shirt sales go towards protecting wild bonobo populations and preserving their habitat in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The same shirt design that you purchase has also been given to Congolese field assistants and park guards, used as conservation awards, goodwill offerings, or uniforms. For more information about BCBI, go to

Prices include T-shirt/sweatshirt, shipping & handling, and 5.6% sales tax. For sales outside the continental U.S., add $12 shipping fee per shirt. $10 from each T-shirt purchased is tax-deductible.

Thank you, we appreciate your support!

-The BCBI Team

There are two BCBI t-shirt styles to choose from. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

BCBI 20th Anniversary Shirt - $25 (limited edition)

Pacific Blue

BCBI 20th Anniversary Shirt


BCBI 20th Anniversary Shirt

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Vintage Bonobo Shirt - $18

Forest Green

Vintage Bonobo Shirt

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