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Spring 2021 – Virtual

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Announcing ZooConnect Virtual Classes

We are excited to introduce ZooConnect, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s new virtual programming, striving to support our community while keeping parents, educators and learners connected to the Milwaukee County Zoo!

ZooConnect provides fun, interactive, standards-based programming through a variety of virtual K3-8 learning experiences ranging from single class offerings to live animal encounters. This age-appropriate virtual programming is designed to activate curiosity, expand knowledge and foster empathy for animals and the natural world.

Zoo Class Explore

Want to explore the Milwaukee County Zoo with us? Join one of your favorite Zoo teachers via Zoom for a 30-40 minute, exciting blend of interactive live experiences and high-quality pre-recorded videos about science, biology and conservation. Zoo Class Explore is a fun, standards-based class with a twist of entertainment that allows learners to connect with teachers, scientists, actors and Milwaukee County Zoo staff. Sign up and inspire your learners to have empathy for wildlife and take conservation action.

Zoo Class Live

Do you want real-time answers to your most pressing Zoo questions? Zoo Class Live allows just that – an approximately 25-minute livestream dialogue via Zoom with one of your favorite Zoo teachers and a featured animal ambassador. Your learners will engage in a thought-provoking experience about science, biology and conservation!

ZooConnect Offerings for Individual Households

Zoo Class Explore Options

Class descriptions are below. To see available dates and times, and to book a class, click on “Book Virtual Classes” above.

Ages 4-8

Home Sweet Habitat

There’s no place like home. All animals have a habitat that provides what they need in order to survive. With "Tomas” the toucan by our side, let’s fly around the Zoo to explore some wild and wonderful habitats, and learn how these habitats meet the needs of the animals that live there.

Buzzin' Around the Zoo

With "Buzz" the bumblebee by our side, let’s go exploring to learn about some fascinating invertebrates that live at our Zoo. They may not have a backbone, but you won’t BEE-lieve their other unique body parts and how they use them to survive.

Let's Play: Animal Enrichment

What do Zoo animals need to be happy and healthy? Learn how our zookeepers encourage play, curiosity and natural behaviors in all sorts of creative ways. Who chases bubbles and who needs a friend? Play an interactive guessing game to find out, then journey around the Zoo with us to see animal enrichment in action!

Backpackin' Around the Zoo

Let's take a hike around the Zoo and use our observation skills as we meet some fascinating Zoo animals and learn their stories. Scientists and naturalists record their thoughts and sightings in notebooks, so don't forget to pack your notebook and pencil as you join us for this journey.

Ages 8-10

The Wild World of Adaptations

Animals in the wild survive by the bite of their teeth, the scratch of their claws, the swipe of their horns and so much more. Travel the world as we learn how animals use their adaptations to get the resources they need.

Channel Zoo News: Ecosystem Heroes

Breaking news! Did you know the Zoo has animals from many different ecosystems? Check out what makes each ecosystem unique as our Channel Zoo News crew gets the scoop live from the Zoo.

Wisconsin Wonderland

Badgers and river otters and black bears, oh my! Join us as we learn about animals that live in three of Wisconsin's most prominent biomes. We will also meet a state endangered animal, Sheldon, the ornate box turtle!

S.O.S. - Save Our Species!

HIPPO is not just an animal! It is also an easy way to remember the five main reasons why animals become endangered and go extinct. Learn what each letter in HIPPO means and discover ways to help protect animals from extinction.

Ages 10-14

Decoding Biodiversity: Saving Endangered Species

Learn about biodiversity and endangered species from conservation scientists and zookeepers. Discover how endangered species are classified and how you can help them from the comfort of your own home. Finally, meet an endangered animal from Wisconsin, Sheldon the ornate box turtle!

Ethology 101

Enter the fascinating world of animal behavior to learn the techniques we use to observe our animals and how this process relates to their health and wellbeing. Become a behavioral scientist by studying animals from the Zoo right from where you are at home!

Zoo Class Live

Ages 3-9

Mystery Animal Spotlight

Will our mystery animal of the day be scaly, furry or feathered? Join us for this livestream class as we get up close and personal with one of our many animal ambassadors such as a ball python, chinchilla or chicken!

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