Chacoan Horned Frog

  1. Let’s start by coloring the frog’s skin. Lay your plate flat on a table, right side up, and pick out markers or crayons the color of your frog’s skin—brick red, brown, white and black.

  2. Next, look at the skin patterns of the frog in the photo. The Chacoan horned frog has red and brown stripes with white outlines and a triangle-shaped stripe over its eyes. Use  a pencil to draw these stripes on the plate before you color them. Make sure to draw two big circles for the frog’s eyes about two inches above the Chinet logo (name), and two little circles for the nose holes right under the logo. Don’t color the eyes and nose just yet.

  3. Color the penciled-in stripes brown and red, and go over the border (edge) between with white crayon. Look back at the picture of the Chacoan horned frog for a reminder.

  4. Near the bottom of your circular frog face you need to draw a mouth. Use a black crayon to draw a wide, V-shaped line an inch or two above the bottom rim of the plate.

  5. Now you can color the eyes black. Use glue to paste on googly eyes or cool buttons.

  6. The Chacoan horned frog has lots of wart-like bumps on its skin. You can make these bumps by drawing little half-circles with gray crayon or marker all over your frog’s face. Go crazy with it!

  7. Have an adult help you punch a hole at the top of your plate with the single-hole punch. Then thread a string through the hole. Now you can hang your frog face anywhere in your home.

  8. Ta da! That’s how you make a frog face. But that’s not all! What else can you add to your frog? Use your imagination and hop to it! Click the “back” button to try out some of the other frog-face designs.