Hide-and-seek in the animal kingdom

When you play hide-and-seek, you might scramble behind a tree or crawl under a bush where no one will see you. Animals hide in the wild, too. But they can’t always find good hiding places. Instead, they hide in plain sight using camouflage. Camouflage is an animal’s way of disguising itself.

Photo by Richard Brodzeller

Just about every animal at the Milwaukee County Zoo has some sort of camouflage. Take the jaguar. Why does it have those beautiful spots? Find out below when you make a jaguar-spot pillowcase. Other activities below will reveal more about animal camouflage.  Zoological Society of Milwaukee members: The Kids Alive section of the Zoological Society’s October 2010 Alive magazine featured activities about “Animals, Under Cover.” Click below for those activities and their solutions plus a zebra print pattern.

Activities by Gabbi Chee