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Zoo Class Explore

Want to explore the Milwaukee County Zoo with us? Join one of your favorite Zoo teachers via Zoom for a thirty-minute, exciting blend of interactive live experiences and high-quality videos about science, biology and conservation. Zoo Class Explore is a fun, standards-based class with a twist of entertainment that will allow learners to connect with classmates, teachers, scientists, actors and Milwaukee County Zoo staff. Sign up for one of the offerings listed below and inspire your learners to have empathy for wildlife and take conservation action.

Zoo Class Live

Do you want to get real-time answers to your most pressing Zoo questions? Zoo Class Live is an additional option to compliment your chosen Zoo Class Explore. This is an approximately twenty-minute livestream dialogue via Zoom with one of your favorite Zoo teachers. Whether it's learning about biofacts, a featured animal ambassador or a true Q&A, your learners will engage in a thought-provoking experience about science, biology and conservation!

Beyond Zoo Class

Beyond Zoo Class is the flexible addition to Zoo Class Explore & Live that allows you to extend Zoo learning in your own time. Reinforce learning objectives from the month's theme using these preset activities and high-quality videos that you'll be able to access via a unique learning portal!

Packages and Single Class Offerings

MacaqueDo you want to supplement your curriculum for multiple months with one purchase and tons of value?  These two or three-month packages are for you! Each month will have its own unique theme per grade level, and always include our featured Zoo Class Explore!

As an example, for the Bombus 2-month package, you will receive one Zoo Class Explore and its matching Beyond Zoo Class in the first month, and then another Zoo Class Explore and its Beyond Zoo Class in the second month.

What are the different package titles named after?

In the spirit of learning more about conservation, biology, and wildlife, we assigned taxonomic names to our packages. Each package title refers to the genus rank of an animal that you can find at the Milwaukee County Zoo - and learn more about during your ZooConnect programming! Taxonomy is a great way to learn more about plants and animals, and it’s also a great tool for conservation. By classifying different species of animals, we are better able to identify and manage populations that are in greatest need of conservation action.

Think you know taxonomy? Look up each genus to see if you can correctly identify the animal. Bonus points if you can figure out our package ranking system!

Bombus 2-month package | $235

- Zoo Class Explore, one per month
- Beyond Zoo Class, one per month

Rana 3-month package | $270

- Zoo Class Explore, one per month

Panthera 3-month package| $347

- Zoo Class Explore, one per month
- Beyond Zoo Class, one per month

Ursus 3-month package | $400

- Zoo Class Explore, one per month
- Beyond Zoo Class, one per month
- Zoo Class Live, one per package

Loxodonta 3-month package | $450

- Zoo Class Explore, one per month
- Beyond Zoo Class, one per month
- Zoo Class Live, two per package

KWT Performance Request: A free KWT performance is included with all packages for grades K-3 and available performance dates are first come first serve. Please indicate your interest in the inquiry form.

Single Class Offerings | $95

You can also buy a single Zoo Class Explore.  For the monthly themes by grade level, scroll down this page.

How to Register

Inquiries are accepted as of September 15, at 9 a.m. for programming through December 2020.

If you are interested in ZooConnect for your group of learners, please submit this inquiry form, and a registration specialist will contact you to schedule your classes within 5 business days. Note that due to high volume, you must submit an inquiry form to express your interest; we cannot accommodate phone calls inquiries. Space is limited.

With the generous support of Kohl’s, schools in need of aid can apply for Zoo Learning Experience funding. For more information, visit

Monthly Themes


Bee puppetBuzzin' Around the Zoo | Grades K-2

With "Buzz" the bumblebee by our side, let’s go exploring to learn about some fascinating invertebrates that live at our Zoo. They may not have a backbone, but you won’t BEE-lieve their other unique body parts and how they use them to survive.

Channel Zoo News: Ecosystem Heroes | Grades 3-5

Breaking news! Did you know the Zoo has animals from many different ecosystems? Check out what makes each ecosystem unique as our Channel Zoo News crew gets the scoop live from the Zoo.

Decoding Biodiversity: Saving Endangered Species | Grades 6-8

Learn about biodiversity and endangered species from conservation scientists and zookeepers. Discover how endangered species are classified and how you can help them from the comfort of your own home. Finally, meet an endangered animal from Wisconsin, Sheldon, the ornate box turtle!


Show Some Backbone! | Grades K-2

Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. They all have backbones, but how are they different? With "Bobo" the bonobo by our side, let's sort it out as we discover the body coverings and functions that are special to each group of vertebrates.

BearFood Chains: Link by Link | Grades 3-5

Every ecosystem has a chain of events that ensures each living creature has the food it needs to survive. Follow the path that energy takes and find out who's eating whom!

Ethology 101 | Grades 6-8

Enter the fascinating world of animal behavior to learn the techniques we use to observe our animals and how this process relates to their health and wellbeing.

Sustainable Planet | Grades 9-12

What does it really mean to be "sustainable"? Go beyond "reduce, reuse, recycle" to discover some of the ways the Milwaukee County Zoo and Zoological Society of Milwaukee implement sustainable practices. How can you add these simple measures into your everyday life?


Home Sweet Habitat | Grades K-2

There’s no place like home. All animals have a habitat that provides what they need in order to survive. With "Olivia“ the owl by our side, let’s fly around the zoo to explore some wild and wonderful habitats, and learn how those habitats meet the needs of the animals that live there.

GiraffeThe Wild World of Adaptations | Grades 3-5

Animals in the wild survive by the bite of their teeth, the scratch of their claws, the swipe of their horns and so much more. Travel the world as we learn how animals use their adaptations to get the resources they need.

Populations: Wildlife by the Numbers | Grades 6-8

Learn what it takes to be a wildlife ecologist as we take on a real-life case study and discover how to predict and interpret population fluctuations within an ecosystem.

Zoo Careers: Now Hiring! | Grades 9-12

Zookeepers, veterinarians, and... graphic designers? Social media specialists? Get to know our staff as you learn more about the common and not so common careers you can have at a zoo.

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