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Zoo Class Explore

Want to explore the Milwaukee County Zoo with us? Join one of your favorite Zoo teachers via Zoom for a thirty to forty-minute*, exciting blend of interactive live experiences and high-quality videos about science, biology and conservation. Zoo Class Explore is a fun, standards-based class with a twist of entertainment that will allow learners to connect with classmates, teachers, scientists, actors and Milwaukee County Zoo staff. Sign up for one of the offerings listed below and inspire your learners to have empathy for wildlife and take conservation action.

Zoo Class Live

Do you want real-time answers to your most pressing Zoo questions? Zoo Class Live allows just that – an approximately 25-minute* livestream dialogue via Zoom with one of your favorite Zoo teachers and a featured animal ambassador. Your learners will engage in a thought-provoking experience about science, biology and conservation!

*Zoo Class Explore and Zoo Class Live are interactive experiences!  The experience is maximized if learners at home or in the classroom have a camera and microphone available.  We cannot guarantee class times if learners do not participate during class.

Packages and Single-Class Offerings

ZooConnectSupplement your curriculum for multiple months with one purchase and tons of value delivered through two- or three-month packages! Each month we offer at least one unique topic per grade level and all packages always include our featured Zoo Class Explore.

As an example, for the Anisoptera 2-month package, you will receive one Zoo Class Explore in the first month, and then another Zoo Class Explore in the second month.

What do the different package titles mean?

In the spirit of learning more about conservation, biology and wildlife, we assigned taxonomic names to our packages. Each package title refers to the genus rank of an animal that you can find at the Milwaukee County Zoo and learn more about during your ZooConnect programming! Taxonomy is a great way to learn more about plants and animals, and it’s also a great tool for conservation. By classifying different species of animals, we are better able to identify and manage populations that are in greatest need of conservation action.

Think you know taxonomy? Look up each genus to see if you can correctly identify the animal. Bonus points if you can figure out our package ranking system!


  • Zoo Class Explore, one per month


  • Zoo Class Explore, one per month


  • Zoo Class Explore, one per month
  • Zoo Class Live, one per package

SINGLE ZOO CLASS LIVE | $95 | Limited availability!


To view the monthly Zoo Class Explore topic(s), navigate to the appropriate grade level below.

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KWT Performance Request: A free KWT performance is included with all packages for grades K-5 and available performance dates are first come, first served. Please indicate your interest in the inquiry form.

How to Register

We are fully booked for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Information regarding the 2021-2022 school year will be forthcoming. Thank you for your ongoing support! Interested in seeing a Kohl’s Wild Theater performance instead? Kohl’s Wild Theater is still taking spring 2021 performance bookings. More information can be found here.

Looking for ZooConnect’s single class offerings for individual participants? Visit here.

The Milwaukee County Zoo is currently booking onsite field trips. If you would like to bring your class to the Zoo click here.