Virtual Lessons

Get to Know Nature

GreenhouseAt the Zoological Society we not only educate people about animals, we help people better understand nature. Have you ever met a tree? Let me tell you, they are wonderful to meet! You can learn so much about these plants if you just spend a couple minutes getting to know them.

For this activity, one child will be blindfolded and led to a tree by another individual (e.g. adult or sibling). The blindfolded child will then have the opportunity to meet the tree by feeling, smelling and listening to the tree! Is your tree large or small? Can you wrap your arms around it? Are you able to feel any branches or roots? Is the tree already budding? Is the bark rough or smooth? Can you hear birds or other animals near the tree? What kind of tree do you think it is? Next, the blindfolded child is taken back to the starting point, spun around a couple times, and can then take off their blindfold. Now it is their turn to find their tree. Look around the area and use the clues you learned about your tree to find it! After finding the tree, take one deep breath in. Thank the tree for that gulp of oxygen, as they play an important role in producing oxygen for all life on Earth!

Note: This activity can be adapted for various ages and locations. If you do not have trees nearby, you can lead your child to any open space and have them meet the area (e.g. focusing on rocks, bushes or sounds).