BonoboVirtual Lessons

Primate Tools

Chimpanzees and bonobos use tools to get food in hard to reach places, similar to how we as humans might try to get the last bit of peanut butter or ice cream. Let’s try and create a tool with recycled materials. Parents, you can decide how you want to make an obstacle for your kids. We recommend hanging a basket up high. Put in any balls, toys or small objects to use as pretend food. Remind your kids: hitting the basket down doesn’t count! Don’t try this activity around breakable objects.

A few ideas for tool materials: tape, paper towel rolls, rubber bands, string, pencils/pens, bubble wrap and anything clean from your recycling bin. Tip: Have your kids design their tool on a piece of paper before starting their project and ask them to explain their design before they start building. If you get really excited about this project, you can use real fruit … After you’re done you have your snack in hand!