Kohl's Wild Theater

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the program really free?
Yes. Thanks to a grant from Kohl’s, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee is able to provide this conservation-themed theater program free of charge.

How long are the programs?
We have 30-minute and 45-minute programs. Each includes time for questions from the audience.

What ages/grades are most appropriate for the programs?
All performances/plays are written at specific grade levels. Please read the descriptions to find your grade match. However, the program provides entertainment and educational value for all ages. The program messaging is best understood with mixed age groups in the audience.

What if we have more students than we can accommodate at one assembly?
We would be happy to perform two shows. The actors would need at least a 30-minute break between performances (no more than an hour and a half between performances please). Both performances would need to be the same show. If there are more than 300 students, we would split the audience into two performances with a half-hour break in between.

Can we have more than one show?
We are happy to come out to any venue multiple times during each school year. We can bring the same show or a different show, but we only have the ability to bring one show at a time.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes. If the scheduled venue cancels the program within 21 days of the scheduled performance, a $250 cancellation fee will be charged if the date cannot be filled with another venue. (Snow emergencies or school closings will not result in a fee.)

What can I expect on the day of the performance?
The actors will arrive one hour before your scheduled performance time to begin set-up. Actors will check in with the contact person designated by the venue and park the van in the designated unloading area. The performance space should be cleared of any equipment, tables, chairs or students. After the program, the actors will need up to an hour to load our equipment back into the van.

Do you have program materials to go along with each show?
Teacher packets are provided online and will be emailed to the primary contact for each venue. Coloring sheets or other handouts for audiences will be provided on the day of the performance. If your students wish to learn more about the conservation messages taught in the performances, please feel free to direct them to our Education Department. The Zoological Society’s Conservation Education Department has many fee-based classes that will enhance the students’ knowledge of creativity in the world of science and animals.

What are some examples of sets at different venues?




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