Kohl's Wild Theater

Winter and Spring 2018-19 is now open. Book your performance today!

Outreach into the Community

The Zoological Society and Kohl’s Cares have partnered to bring you Kohl’s Wild Theater, which provides conservation-themed theater performances using drama, songs and puppetry. Performances, which may be scheduled within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo, are free of charge.

Festivals, community events and school assemblies make great venues for Kohl’s Wild Theater performances, which are family-friendly and age-appropriate for grade-school children.

Bullies and Bonobos

With help from her imaginary bonobo friend, Molly (center), played by Lindsey Gagliano, learns to be friends with a bully, Jane (Alecia Annacchino). Then Molly, Jane and Michael (Sherrick Robinson) form a club.

What do we need?

  • A flat (covered if outdoors) performance space of at least  18 x 20 feet. We cannot perform on dirt, sand or grass.
  • Access to a working electrical outlet
  • An hour before and after the performance with no children in the room for safety purposes to allow for set-up and take-down
  • At least 100 students for school performances. More than 300 students would require 2 performances (see FAQ). An all-student assembly is suggested for schools with fewer than 100 students.
  • An audience of at least 50 for library, festival or care facility performances
  • Venue must be within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo
  • A safe pathway for loading equipment into and out of the performance space.
  • Access to off street parking next to the building for load in
  • A performance area should be on the first floor or accessible by elevator. If flights of stairs are required for load-in, then not all shows are guaranteed.

Questions? Review our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more details.

Performance Series for January-May 2019

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Performances are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Request a performance here.

If you would like to attend a performance at a festival or public event, check out the calendar of public performances here.

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