Kohl's Wild Theater

Registration is now available for our Summer 2021 season! To accommodate public health restrictions, all performances this season will only be offered virtually. Please contact our theater planning assistant, Christopher Orth, with any questions at

Outreach into the Community

Kohl’s Wild Theater provides free conservation-themed theater performances to schools, libraries, festivals, community events, and more! Our performers inspire audiences of all ages to learn and care more about our natural world using drama, songs and puppetry.

Live in-person shows will return when it is safe for us to gather again, but in the meantime, we are offering live or prerecorded streams of our shows. All your venues coordinator needs to do is organize the date and time of the performance and then distribute the stream link for the show to their audience. Performances can be streamed from a single computer at your venue, from multiple home computers, or a combination of both.

To accommodate our new virtual capabilities, we will be scheduling streams at set times during the week. You can sign up for a performance slot Monday through Friday at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. or 2 p.m. All livestreamed programs will include a question-and-answer segment following the performance. For evening or weekend performance requests, we will provide you a link to stream a prerecorded version of one of our fall shows at the time of your choosing. Prerecorded shows will not include a question-and-answer segment.

Check out descriptions of our fall shows below, and click here to request a show! If you have any questions about Kohl’s Wild Theater or would like additional information about upcoming shows, email us at or call us at 414-258-5058, ext. 404.

Leona Lionheart Saves the World

Leona Lionheart Saves the World

Upcoming Performance Series

KWT’s 2020-2021 fall season will see the return of its “Conservation Scientists” theme. Behind each incredible conservation project is a real person just like you! Audiences will join brave scientists big and small, real, and imaginary, as they explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, plant trees at the foot of Mt. Kenya and experience the behind-the-scenes magic of a zoo.

In the spring, KWT will explore an exciting new theme: “Empathy.” Empathy, the ability to understand and value the experiences or struggles of another, is part of what it means to be human. By establishing an emotional connection with animals in zoos and in the wild, the young people of today could become the conservationists of tomorrow. Next spring audiences will help a garden gnome become a better neighbor and swap places with the family dog.

Fall and spring Conservation Action Guides are available so that teachers and students can draw connections between shows to further their learning both in and out of the classroom.

We reserve the right to alter performance dates for the health and safety of our communities.

Performance Series for February-September 2021

Click on the links below to view show descriptions.