Winter Instagram Contest


TigerFrom “Eye of the Tiger” to “A Horse with No Name,” everyone needs an anthem – including the animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo! This February, the Zoological Society of Milwaukee challenges you to take a picture of an animal at the Zoo and caption it with what you think their anthem should be. Captions can be songs with the animal name included, lyrics with the animal name included, or just songs that remind you of the animal. Include the hashtag #MKEZooAnimalAnthem on your post to be entered to win prizes.

The weekly winner will receive an animal sponsorship package for Mira the armadillo. Every Monday beginning Feb. 11, a winner will be randomly chosen and announced that day. The photo contest ends on March 3, with the last winner announced on March 4.


  1. By entering the contest, you are allowing the Zoological Society of Milwaukee/Milwaukee County Zoo to use your submitted photos for publicity purposes.
  2. You can submit as many pictures as you’d like, although you will only be entered once each week.
  3. By entering, you’re verifying that you took the photo and have the rights to it.
  4. If you include a person in your photo, make sure to get that person’s permission before submitting it. If there is a child in the photo, get permission from the child’s parent.
  5. Your Instagram account must be public in order for us to see your photos.
  6. You must be following us on Instagram for your photo(s) to be considered.
  7. The hashtag #MKEZooAnimalAnthem must be included in the caption of the photo on Instagram.

Follow Instagram zoosocietymke on Instagram to see the winners and some of our favorite photos of the Zoo and its animals.