Nuri and Tula’s Tiger Tales

Mom and cubsNuri and Tula, the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Amur tiger cubs, are some of the most playful and charming animals around.  Born July 8, 2009, at the Zoo, these female cubs now spend their time romping in their feline building exhibit. You could spot them playing with “toys” such as feathers, splashing in the exhibit pool or chasing Mom Amba’s tail! (The cubs are on exhibit 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.) Check out the story below for more fun facts on everything from Amba’s pregnancy to ways to tell “the girls” apart. Plus, we interviewed Neil Dretzka, feline supervisor, who shared some fascinating tiger cub facts and stories, and also answered some frequently asked questions. Use the links below to read the entire story or jump to different sections.
Posted: January 2010

Get more photos and videos of the tiger cubs at the Zoo. Plus, you can sponsor the cubs for yourself or as a gift.

Text by Benjamin Wright. 
Photographs by Richard Brodzeller/Zoological Society of Milwaukee unless otherwise noted.