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Armadillo is a Spanish word referring to the armor-like covering of these animals. They are the only mammal covered by a shell. There are 20 armadillo species in the Americas; most live in Central or South America. The species that resides at the Milwaukee County Zoo is the southern three-banded armadillo. They are the only armadillo species that can roll themselves up in a ball when threatened. This is so predators cannot reach the vulnerable underside.

Meet Mira! Mira was born at the Milwaukee County Zoo on January 8, 2018. For reasons unknown her mom, Mona, wouldn’t take care of her baby and Mira wasn’t nursing. That’s when the staff in the Small Mammals Building stepped in began to hand-raise Mira. With round the clock care and a special diet Mira is now as big as her mom and very active.

Instead of roses this year, get your loved one something WILD. Sponsor Mira for only $35 and help the Zoological Society fulfill its mission. An animal sponsorship is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or even a special Valentine’s Day “treat!” This limited-time offer is available through April 30, 2019.

The $35 sponsorship package includes:

  • An adorable 8-inch plush-toy armadillo
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • A colorful fact sheet about armadillos
  • An invitation to a behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors held in August
  • A one-year subscription to Alive magazine and Wild Things newsletter
  • Sponsor recognition on our "All in the Family" donor board for a year
  • An Animal Sponsor decal
  • And a solid chocolate heart

Upgrade your sponsorship to the $75 level to receive a photo of Mira and two Zoo attraction tickets in addition to the benefits listed above.

Send your gift anywhere in the continental United States (shipping and handling included). We must receive your order by Feb. 6, 2019, to guarantee delivery for Valentine’s Day.

Plush-toy armadillo

Sponsor Mira the armadillo

If you prefer to mail your order in with a check, print off this convenient order form.

Sponsor an Animal

The tax-deductible portion of this sponsorship is $26 ($35 level) and $66 ($75 level). Merchandise included in the package includes 5.6% WI sales tax. Plush-toy, candy and decal offers are good while supplies last.

Your contribution may qualify for matching gifts. Please check with your employer.

The proceeds from the Sponsor an Animal program enhance animal exhibits and help all of the animals at the Zoo. In accordance with WI Statute 440.455, a financial statement of the Zoological Society will be provided upon request.