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A Mother’s Pride

Lioness Patty

Lions are the most social of all cats, living in family groups called prides. Male lions and female lionesses play different roles within the pride. Females work together to hunt and help raise the cubs. Males patrol, mark and guard the pride’s territory. They also guard the cubs while the lionesses are hunting.

African lioness Patty Sharptooth arrived at the Milwaukee County Zoo along with her two daughters, Amira and Eloise, in February 2020. A sponsorship of Patty would make the “purr-fect” gift for Mother’s Day or any spring occasion. Hurry before this limited-time vanishes after July 31, 2021.

The $50 sponsorship package includes:

  • An adorable plush-toy lioness
  • A colorful fact sheet about African lions
  • A certificate of sponsorship
  • An invitation to a behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors at the Zoo
  • Sponsor recognition on our “All in the Family” donor board for a year
  • A Sponsor an Animal decal

Upgrade your sponsorship to the $75 level to receive a photo of Patty and two Zoo attraction tickets in addition to the benefits listed above.

Send your gift anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping and handling included.

We must receive your order by April 30, 2021, to guarantee delivery in time for Mother’s Day.

Plush-toy lioness

Sponsor the lioness Patty Sharptooth

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Sponsor an Animal

The tax-deductible portion of this sponsorship is $41 ($50 level) & $61 ($75 level). Plush-toy animals and decals include 5.6% WI sales tax. Plush-toy & decal offers good while supplies last.

Your contribution may qualify for matching gifts. Please check with your employer.

The proceeds from the Sponsor an Animal program help the Zoological Society fulfill its mission. In accordance with WI Statute Section 440.455, a financial statement of the Zoological Society will be provided upon request.