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The Zoological Society’s goal this year is to raise money for a new hippo habitat. It will feature a very large pool so you can see the hippos swimming underwater. You will be closer to the hippos than ever before. The Milwaukee County Zoo will be one of only eight zoos in the United States to feature a view of hippos underwater, making the habitat a true haven for our pod of hippos. THE ENTIRE HABITAT WILL BE TRANSFORMED.

Did you know hippos can spend as many as 16 hours a day in the water?

The main feature of the new Hippo Home is a brand new 60,000 gallon outdoor pool. It will be 7 feet deep and almost 3 times the size of the existing outdoor watering hole. The view is sure to delight kids and families as they view hippos SEPARATED ONLY BY GLASS.

Did you know the quality of the water will be vital for the hippos and also for you to have a clear view of the hippos in the pool?

The Plan is to: Create a new hippo home that is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The water will be recirculated once it is filtered and will save more than 20 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER ANNUALLY. What an amazing conservation effort!

Did you know hippos are herbivores and graze on land, preferring short, creeping grass; hay; and green shoots?

Our hippos will have a beach area just outside of the pool for grazing and basking in the sun. THE SPACE WILL BE 3 TIMES LARGER THAN THEIR CURRENT LAND AREA.

Did you know this will only be possible with your help?

We need to raise the funds to make sure we can provide this new haven for our hippos and a clear, up-close view for you.

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