Travel Program

Travel Program

Travel with experts from the Zoo and Zoological Society as you explore destinations closer to home and afar. The travel program includes several options:

One-Day Field Trips

These trips are planned in advance and occur three times per year. Popular destinations include other zoos and aquariums, festivals, and shopping. These one-day adventures are available to members and their guests. Transportation is usually by motor coach and travelers are escorted by Zoological Society staff who volunteer their time.

Eco-tours and Safaris

These trips to exotic locations are usually longer and full of cultural and wildlife-themed adventures. They are led by experts from the Zoo and Society who can share their expertise with you and provide a whole new perspective on the adventures you encounter. Destinations are international and travel requirements vary by destination. These adventures usually include a pre-trip orientation with the host and a representative from the travel company. A thorough itinerary is provided.

Why choose to travel with us?

There are many choices available today for travelers. We offer trips that are led by expert guides for a safe and fun vacation experience. You will learn first-hand from the people who know the animals best.

We hope you will walk away from the journey with a better understanding of our programs, conservation efforts, and support of the Milwaukee County Zoo. Perhaps you will find in yourself that same passion for our efforts and the animals.