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Food & Safety

Food Concessions

When your stomach is growling louder than the animals, it’s your feeding time! 

We are proud to welcome Service Systems Associates (SSA) as our new concessions, merchandising and catering partner! For guests, this change means a wider variety of food choices (including gluten-free options) and new restaurant options. SSA utilizes local suppliers for food service offerings, providing guests with sustainable, environmentally- and ecologically-friendly options. Cafés, snack shops and markets are scattered throughout the Zoo, serving up everything from a quick bite to a healthy and nutritious lunch.

What’s to eat?

There is plenty to eat at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Where to eat Where in the Zoo Types of food When open 
Flamingo Café Zoo entrance Hand-stretched pizzas, hand battered chicken tenders, tossed salads to order and carved sandwiches. You’ll also find traditional grilled favorites like cheeseburgers, grilled chicken BLT and hot dogs. Year-round
Dairy Store Farm Ice cream and sundaes from Cedar Crest Ice Cream Summer* Fall**
Bean Sprouts Farm Nutritious and organic food for the entire family Summer* Fall**
The Coop Next to Lakeview Place Hand battered chicken, chicken nuggets and more Summer*
Sea Lion Stand Near sea lion show Ice cream, Beverages, Nachos, Pretzels and more. Summer*
U.S. Bank Gathering Place Coffee and Coffee Shop Zoo entrance Weeden Creak coffee, espressos, lattes, pastries and more. Summer* Fall**
Wild Burger Near Small Mammals Building Signature burgers and frozen custard. Summer*
Beverage & Food Carts Throughout the Zoo Popcorn Wagons, Pretzel and Beer & Beverage Carts, ICEE Mix-It-Up and Dip N’ Dots Summer* Fall**

* Summer is Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day
** Fall refers mostly to weekends in September and October. Please check with Guest Services on the day you’re at the Zoo to see what’s open. Guest Services is in the U.S. Bank Gathering Place entrance.


The Zoo offers a special restroom facility for people with special needs. It is wheelchair accessible.

The Zoo has an ATM machine in the vestibule of the Flamingo Cafe Restaurant and Lakeview Place. Dollar bill change machines are located in the Feline, Primates of the World and Australian buildings.

Information on first aid, lost children, lost and found and public transportation can be found in the Zoo's Administration Office, located in the Zoo's U.S. Bank Gathering Place.

Make Your Visit Enjoyable and Help Us Help the Animals.

For the safety of the Zoo's animals and its guests, pets, radios, skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, and in-line skates are not allowed in the Zoo.

Please do not feed any of the animals at the Zoo. Zookeepers work very hard to make sure the animals have balanced, nutritious diets. Feeding the geese, swans and other wildlife on the Zoo grounds can make those animals aggressive.

Please do not throw coins into the water at any animal habitat in the Zoo. Coins can be fatal to penguins, sea lions and wild waterfowl at the Zoo. Please help us spread the word..for the safety of our precious resource, the animals.

Help do your part by recycling your plastic bottles and soft drink cans in specially marked containers throughout the Zoo.