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Oceans of Fun Seal & Sea Lion Show

Oceans of Fun Seal/Sea Lion Show

California sea lions and harbor seals take the aquatic stage as they entertain and educate guests.

Admission: Variable

Show times: Schedule varies.  Check at Sea Lion Show for show times.

*Please note that operation of rides and attractions is dependent on factors such as weather and attendance. Please call ahead to confirm availability on the day of your visit.

Zoo Pass attraction coupons: Please note that attraction coupons are valid for the following Zoo attractions: Penzey’s carousel, North Shore Bank train, Zoomobile and Sendik’s Food Market Jurassic Journey dinosaur exhibit.  Coupons are no longer valid at the Oceans of Fun Seal and Sea Lion Show because it is a private attraction not run by Zoo staff.

For more information, please visit the Oceans of Fun website.