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Dinosaurs! A Jurassic Journey

Sponsored by

Sendik's Food Markets

May 26-Sept. 3, 2018, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Located in the outdoor habitat behind the Small Mammals Building
Cost: $3 per person, after regular Zoo admission.

QuetzalcoatlusThere is something about dinosaurs that fascinates people of all ages. It could be their size, their unique features or the mystery of what happened to them millions of years ago. This summer, step back in time as Dinosaurs! A Jurassic Journey, sponsored by Sendik's Food Markets, invades the Zoo. The large and lifelike creatures, hauled into the Zoo on four 53-foot trucks, are on display Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

This year’s exhibit, featuring more than 20 life-size robotic dinosaurs rousting and rumbling in a prehistoric habitat, invites guests to visit returning favorites like the Tyrannosaurus rex and Brachiosaurus and meet several new dinosaurs, including the Utahraptor, Suchomimus, Quetzalcoatlus, Pachyrhinosaurus and Amargasaurus and baby.

Billings Productions creates the dinosaurs you will see at the Zoo. The company has more than 300 dinosaurs representing 60 species. All of the dinosaurs are designed and built in their facility in Texas. Designers, engineers, sculptors and artists create accurate depictions of the extinct beasts. Each dinosaur is equipped with an electronic brain controlling movements and sounds. Every year, Billings Productions adds new dinosaurs and uses new ideas and technology to bring the animals to life.