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Brick Dinos

Sponsored by

Sendik's Food Markets

May 25 to Sept. 2, 2019, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

MasiokasaurusAdmission is $3 per person, after regular Zoo admission. Zoo Pass attraction coupons can be redeemed for admission.

Dinosaurs are some of the largest animals to have ever lived on this planet. This summer, they are coming to the Zoo in miniature form. Brick Dinos, sponsored by Sendik’s Food Markets, showcases dinosaurs from air, sea and land made of LEGO® bricks. The artist works closely with a paleontologist to make sure each display is historically accurate. This exhibit comes from Edinburgh, U.K., and has been traveling the world since 2017.

Guests can tour through the mini-dioramas and come face to face with a 13-foot-long masiokasaurus. Kids will be able to build their own LEGO dino to add to the Jurassic landscapes.

Exhibit provided by
Universal Exhibition Group