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Dinosaurs Unearthed

Sponsored by

Sendik's Food Markets

Extended through Nov. 7, 2020


Muttaburrasaurus is an herbivore with a unique hollow bone on its snout. Some paleontologists believe the bone is related to either its sense of smell or ability to make a noise.

Whether they run or fly, have scales or feathers, eat meat or plants, dinosaurs intrigue us all. This summer, come to the Milwaukee County Zoo and go back in time to witness Dinosaurs Unearthed, sponsored by Sendik’s Food Markets. More than 20 large and lifelike creatures will be on display outside the Small Mammals Building.

Each dinosaur is sculpted to accurately show what scientists believe they looked like. Then, the dinosaurs are equipped with an electronic brain that will control movements and sounds to make them even more lifelike.

Admission is $3 per person, after regular Zoo admission. Zoo Pass members can use their electronic coupons for a free ticket.